When wanderlust hits you.

Once while reading one of the blogs similar to the one i am writing someone inspired me, inspired me enough to travel. The word TRAVEL brings sparkles to my eyes and i am sure this word does the same magic to you as well.

So as it has been the trend to travel with your friends, i was also planning a trip with some of my friends. From different groups i address as mine everyone backed out except one last one. But eventually the last group also didn’t disappoint me and backed out. I was so pissed off and in that moment i took a vow that i will keep travel my priority and not the people.

I asked one of my office colleagues when he was planning to go on his next trip. He said the same month. And that was it. I decided to go with him to a place i had never been to with a complete different bunch of people (never saw their faces before). Booked my flight tickets to Pune and then a whole different world welcomed me with open arms.

Wait for my next blog to get the details of my super adventurous trip. Stay tuned. 😉

Just to keep the excitement intact have a look at these pictures.

Clouds playing with the sky.